About Me

As a native Washingtonian, I am definitely not new to the hustle bustle lifestyle of 20 somethings.  After 7 years in the workforce, I have just grown tired of the grind.  Don’t get me wrong, the money is great but at the end of the day, I felt empty and burned out.

In late August 2011, my boyfriend Steve and I moved into a 735 sq ft apartment near Old Town Alexandria, VA. He came from a 750 sq ft apartment and I from a space of over 1200 sq ft. He is the heavy lifter and I was the organizer. I have been organizing for friends and family for years. It is just something I truly love to do.

After the second day, as I am sitting in front of our World Market buffet in the throes of organizing, he says “babe, you should really start your own business organizing. You could help so many people with the way your brain works. I think you should consider it.” At first I was like no way, are you crazy? But then I started to research and found that many people seek and are in need of someone who can help reduce their stress and frustration levels experienced at home due to clutter and disorganization.

So after being fueled with determination and passion, I filed for my business license and created Get Neat in late 2011. It has been the best thing I have done in years. I am still new to this business but I am just so excited to get up and running, meet new people, and most of all, help people.